About Sustainable.

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On a mission to democratize access to the world’s alternative data.

Sustainable is an AI company that specializes in providing high quality alternative data to consultants, corporates, and analysts. Our platform can source data from all corners of the web including: PDFs, web pages, corporate disclosures, and others to derive the metrics and insights needed to shape strategy, make decisions, and build products. Our data is rigorously tested for accuracy and completeness and we provide source links for clear traceability. Advanced buyers in the investment world have known the value of alternative data for years. But the cost and complexity of using it has scared away less sophisticated buyers. Our aim is to close this gap. By making alternative data accessible, we aim to empower the entire business world to be more effective.

Sustainable Values and Operating Principles.

Do the right thing

Make decisions based on what is best for the greater or common good. Not just for yourself.

High effort

There is no excuse for lack of trying. Effort is the foundation of success.

Be consistent

It is better to be consistently good, than momentarily great. Consistency compounds over time just like interest.

Have grit

Most things that are worth accomplishing are very hard. Just keep pushing.

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